Our Story

The Studio was founded in 1977 with the joining of three architects, Alberto Bartalini, Daniele Luci and Marco Signorini.

The Studio prides itself on its co-ordination of the architecture, design, and interiors and this is the main factor which distinguishes the originality of their work in both the private and public sectors, starting from prestige residences to international factories, grand hotels and modern public entertainment spaces.

Over the years the Studio has expanded to building houses and villas, not only in Italy, but expanding into Switzerland, Jordan, Russia, France and Saudi Arabia.

Some of the major tasks completed by the Studio have involved tourist accommodation facilities in Tuscany, which have been developed utilising eighteenth century rural villages, villas or palaces in need of re-birthing and restoration using traditional Tuscan architecture but with modern building methods and twentieth century facilities. For the most part these have been five star agritourist operations with spa developments in the Arezzo and Florence regions of Tuscany.

The Studio has project managed the restructuring and restoration of some important villas with large gardens and extensive landscaping in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Studio detailed these projects with finishing using antiques in the interior decorating which was in keeping with the overall ambience of the project. The business has brought to life old homes and commercial buildings in both Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland.

The Studio has been involved in the design of public and commercial projects since its inception, these have head offices and branches of banks,, public plazas, the re-development and image makeover of Pisa International Airport and the various businesses within the airport itself.

We have organised cultural and artistic events related to the annual show giving great impact to the urban artistry, architecture and local scenery and cultural considerations for proposed growth. Particular consideration is paid to the management of each project and the control of, and attention to detail of all associated operations to ensure customer satisfaction.The Studio collaborates with many experts in the fields of art, graphics, photography and any other sector of a project that requires specific technical or artistic inputs.At the core of our philosophy is our research into the effective use and design ofspace, sense of volume of spaces, technology, materials, structural image and the projection of these keys of good design on the aesthetics of daily living.

From 2016 Studio La Noce evolves by developing and increasing project and organizational skills, generating Studio La Noce Architecture & Engineering with the aim of offering excellent professional solutions more complete, reliable and sustainable.