Proud to have conceived, organized and made possible with Tag Commuication this project to make concrete everything, being able now to say with enthusiasm that the exhibition was officially inaugurated Kan Pisa 2016 “Toccare il Tempo”.

The event began in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo and ends in the picturesque Balearic room where Scuola Tessieri along with Savini Tartufi products and Enoteca Marcucci delighted us with their products.

After the greeting to the councilor Andrea Ferrante culture, they intervened Ambassador Umberto Vattani, who after a long and distinguished diplomatic career is now president of the Fondazione Italia Giappone and the Japanese Ambassador in Italy Kazuyoshi Umemoto. Also present were other authorities, such as the regional director Antonio Mazzeo, and the commissioner of Pietrasanta Simone Tartarini. There were those in charge of institutions that have supported the event as prof. Franco Mosca, President of the Fondazione Arpa and Valter Tamburini, president of theCamera di Commercio di Pisa. The ribbon cutting of the mayor Marco Filippeschi opened the procession to the discovery of the master’s works Kan, also possible within the website created by Tag Communication.

I should mention also of those who have worked to make this possible, including our logistics partner DuoLogica Srl, Caparolcenter, L’Isola Verde – Erboristerie, Banca di Pisa e Fornacette, Violeta Boutique, Cooperativa La Serena.


Restructuring attic with interior design and construction of gazebo and pool.

Location: Versilia, Tuscany ITA



We’r proud to present Kan Pisa 2016 “Toccare il Tempo”

“My material, the marble is the material that occurs in the squares and monuments of Pisa which tells centuries of art and architecture. This is the time you want to touch and share and contaminate by my works. ” So Kan Yasuda explains the project that he is the protagonist and is an interaction, almost a contrast between its minimalism, which in art is reduced form the utmost simplicity and language essentials and the majesty of the Pisan monuments. With “Touch the time” the work of Kan is placed in these spaces as a living presence, almost sacred, for the purity of the forms that demands respect, contemplation, silence. The sculptures of Kan Yasuda establish a humble dialogue, subdued. In the admirable board of the city of Pisa this project places them as pawns to suggest to the visitor a silent game of questions and risposte. He tells the architect Marco Signorini, a founding member together with the architect Daniele Luci, the famous Studio La Noce, one of the creators of the show: “I saw Kan Yasuda work in the laboratory of George Angels Querceta. Levigava his return from an exhibition works and hit the elegance, lightness and perfection, finishing without realizing to caress both were smooth and shiny. His sculptures seem designed to honor the Marble Statuary, white material and bright that for centuries has art clothed architecture and sacred sculpture, as to be described in ancient Pietra Santa. ” An exhibition space waiting for visitors, among tourists and citizens. The exhibition “en plein air”, along an “art art route”, which comes to touch the sacredness of the Square of Miracles. The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Pisa and the Arpa Foundation, in partnership with the Japan Foundation and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Pisa. The event forms part of the initiatives of celebration of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the treaty of friendship and trade relations between Italy and Japan promoted by Italy Japan Foundation, and integrates with the opera “Madama Butterfly” at the Great Outdoor Theater Giacomo Puccini in Torre del Lago (29 July and 10 August 2016), with scenes of Kan Yasuda and costumes by Regina Schrecker.

Project & General Coordination

Studio La Noce
Daniele Luci, Marco Signorini


New video of our work in the private sector.




Redevelopment Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei, cultural and artistic events, design, interior and exterior.

Art installations, among which are those of the artists, such as, NALL, CASCELLA, KAN Yasuda and IGOR MITORAJ.

Interior and exterior design of the Bar Vasari, Refreshment Room Mascagni, Cafeteria Salza, Tuscan hills and Smail Cafe.


Redevelopment Galilei International Airport – Pisa, Tuscany ITA



Nall – Exterior Art Installation



Cascella – Exterior Art Installation



Kan Yasuda – Exterior Art Installation




Bar Vasari



Mitoraj – Exterior Art Installation



Sala Ristoro Mascagni



Caffetteria Salza



Smail Cafè








Restoration of external and internal, Art & Decor and furnishing of a Palladian villa of the 16th Century.

Location Riviera del Brenta – Venice ITA.




Restructuring historic castle of the 18th Century, including restoration and repairs, Art & Decor and furniture.

New architectural design, with construction of house hunting, church, court and dependance for ceremonial events.







Our partner Tag Communication “Marketing & Communication Web Agency”



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From 2016 Studio La Noce evolves by developing and increasing project and organizational skills, generating Studio La Noce Architecture & Engineering with the aim of offering excellent professional solutions more complete, reliable and sustainable.

64aLuxurious and typical farmhouse used as a farmhouse in the heart of Chianti region in Tuscany ITA.
Designing entirely new, Art & amp; Decor and furniture exclusively new.
Inside the wellness center with spa and swimming pool.